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ExoShield Goal Keeper Gladiator Jersey

Impact Resistant: Provides hardcore ergonomically-designed protection to the elbow via high-performance polyurethane foam optimized for impact-absorbsion and comfort.
Lightweight: Premium moisture-wicking compression fabric optimizes comfort and breathability, while enabling an aggressive look that will make your arms look like a caped super-hero’s.
Stealth: Designed for optimal movement and adaptability, this goalie padded shirt makes you quickly forget you are wearing extra protection.


Not anything is brave just like the protecting spirit of a Gladiator. This goalkeeper blouse is encouraged through the oldest type of coverage recognized to guy: Gladiators wore iconic armor known as “The Galerus,” — a particular steel shield known as the Retiarii which isolates and liberates the Gladiator’s sturdy arm for combat.
Affect Resistant: Supplies hardcore ergonomically-designed coverage to the elbow by way of prime-efficiency polyurethane foam optimized for Affect-absorbsion and luxury.
Light-weight: Top class moisture-wicking compression cloth optimizes convenience and breathability, even as permitting an competitive glance on the way to make your palms seem like a caped tremendous-hero’s.
Stealth: Designed for most suitable motion and suppleness, this goalie padded blouse makes you briefly omit you’re dressed in additional coverage.


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